East Village

East Side, from Houston to 14th Street and from the Bowery and Third Avenue to the East River

Once considered part of the Lower East Side, the East Village started developing its own culture in the 1960s when it attracted artists and writers inspired by the “Beatniks” of the 1950s. Though recent decades of gentrification has changed the complexion of the neighborhood, the East Village is still known for its counterculture diversity, vibrant nightlife, and artistic flavor. Once the home of the wealthy Astors and Vanderbilts, it eventually became a melting pot with colorful neighborhoods offering authentic restaurants and stores, such as Little Ukraine and Little India. Tompkins Square Park is the green center of the neighborhood. Special attractions include the St. Marks, Bowery Church on 10th Street, built in 1799 and the Old Merchant House on East 4th.